Theatre Asylum & Lab and Elephant Space are located on the legendary Theatre Row in Hollywood. Home to Combined Artform who produces, co-produces and rents out the 40-80 seat theatres. Since coming to Los Angeles, Theatre Asylum/Combined has been host to some of the top shows in LA. Including Impro Theatre's : Jane Austin. Pulp Shakespeare, How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse, Carved in Stone and Playdates.

Now Playing In Theatre Asylum

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35 years ago, Cathy (FELICITY HUFFMAN) killed two police officers after inciting an act of anarchy. Now, she comes face to face with her parole officer, Ann (REBECCA PIDGEON), for the last time. This 70 minute, thought-provoking play comes to a head as Ann seeks a sign of true rehabilitation or at the very least regret, while Cathy bargains to be set free. David Mamet’s The Anarchist previews April 16 at Theater Asylum in Hollywood.

Pulitzer Prize winning playwright David Mamet (Glengarry Glen Ross) and LA Drama Critics Circle Nominated Director/Producer Marja-Lewis Ryan (One In The Chamber) team up with Academy Award Nominee Felicity Huffman and Film Critics Award Winner Rebecca Pidgeon for a truly special limited run, which must close May 23.

The Anarchist starring Felicity Huffman and Rebecca Pidgeon; Stage Managed by Erika H. Sellin; Understudied by Heidi Sulzman; Scenic Design by Michael Fitzgerald;Lighting Design by Karyn Lawrence; Costume Design by Courtney Hoffm read more

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The Bad Arm – Confessions of a Dodgy Irish Dancer

Written and performed by Máire Clerkin, directed by Dan O’Connor

Raw rhythms. Tall tales. Arse-clenching comedy.

A special fundraising Afternoon at the Asylum

Performance followed by Q & A session, then meet Maire and director, Dan O’Connor over and wine and light refreshments.

Theatre Asylum, 6320 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, 90038

Sunday April 26 at 2pm

Tickets: $37.50

What a brilliant achievement!! Máire’s recent Kickstarter campaign to ‘Send The Bad Arm to Edinburgh’ was successful, raising $20,000! Thanks to the generosity of over 180 donors, The Bad Arm will be part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August – the biggest and best arts festival in the world. Come and see the show before it goes global!

If you thought all Irish dancers were curly-haired cutie-pies with perfect posture, meet a scowling misfit from London in this outrageous antidote to R read more

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Working for the Mouse
Written and performed by Trevor Allen
Directed by Nancy Carlin

What really goes on at the Happiest Place on Earth? Trevor Allen once played Pluto and the Mad Hatter at Disneyland. He returns with tales of quirky co-workers, militant managers, and backstage debauchery in this unique coming-of-age tale. Working for the Mouse blows pixie dust in your eyes while offering a hilarious glimpse behind the ears of the Magic Kingdom. Voted Best of the SF Fringe Festival, it’s garnered sold-out houses and critical acclaim in San Francisco and Berkeley and around the Bay Area without once getting a cease-and-desist order from Disney. Be careful what you wish upon a star for… it just might come true.

Trevor Allen is an award winning Bay Area playwright. Productions include: Lolita Roadtrip (San Jose Stage Company).The Creature (Black Box Theatre Company, BACC award) Tenders in the Fog (San Jose Stage Company, Dean Goodman Award, Original Script), Workin read more

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There are some lost stories in American history that need to be found because they resonate down through the ages. They resonate in such large American and universal themes as man’s cruelty to animals, man’s capacity for religious intolerance, and the pervasiveness of age-old racial attitudes from the lesser angels of our nature. MAN’S DOMINION, a history in 10 characters done as a one-person show examines one such ‘lost’ event in American history. In September 1916 the good people of Erwin, Tennessee lynched an elephant. Mary, an 18-year old elephant and star circus attraction who had only known life in captivity had thrown, stomped and killed her trainer, Red Eldridge, on his second day of work. For this, Mary was sentenced to death and the giant railroad cranes in the Blue Ridge mountain rail hub of Erwin were to be the engines of her demise. MAN’S DOMINION provides voice to ten (10) witnesses and participants to that event, including both victims – Red Eldridge and Mary, the el read more

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The Schack Attack is Back!

If you long for all the hoopla of a Vegas-style fight in a small, black-box theatre, then Schachner Vs. Schachner is the schow for you!


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
May 3, 10, 17th…
Asylum Lab


Find out what a bag of dog food, a hitman, and a rabbi have in common, and watch Abby pick her brains apart all in the name of ‘art’. With a true-life tale that has as much heft as a decomposing body in a Dateline episode, Abby owns the ring like a true champ.

Nominated for BEST SOLO SHOW Fringe Freak Award
and BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE Spirit of the Fringe Award
PICK OF THE FRINGE! by Combined Artform
Stage Raw says RECOMMENDED!

See what audiences are talking about and come find out why Schachner Vs. Schachner was cons read more

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Nominee! Orgasmico Theatre Company’s Most Orgasmic Performance Award 2014
Winner! Combined Artform’s Pick of the Fringe 2014
Nominee! Freak Award for Best in Solo Performance Hollywood Fringe 2014
Winner! The Encore! Producer’s Award 2014

What the critics are saying:

“She used her body, her voice, and just one scarf to make this one hour show interesting. Her story will stay with me for quite some time.” – Enci Box of Bitter Lemons

“Garcia’s storytelling ability is the stuff of legends.” – Bob Leggett (The Examiner)

“The biggest and loveliest surprise at Fringe this year.” – Tracey Paleo (Gia On the Move)

“Kyla portrays dozens of characters in her amazing one-woman show.” – Shari Barrett (

“Delightful. Funny. Heartwarming. Kyla’s positive energy is infectious.” – Ruthy Otero (Creator of The ABC’s of a One Person Show", Variety “Comic to Watch”)

What Audiences are saying:

“Yes, yes, yes. Best show read more